Creative ways your business can save on the energy bills

You cannot avoid energy bills, especially if you run a business. But it’s always a good idea to make sure that these energy bills don’t affect your bottom line. This is the reason why you need to check how much your business is using when it comes to energy. If you see that your business is utilizing a lot of energy and need to switch energy suppliers, then you have to contact the Utility Bidder

In most cases, it’s easier for you to switch energy suppliers when you use an energy broker. These experts can compare all the energy tariffs on the market to find the right one that suits the needs of your business. Regardless of how much your business uses, they can help you reduce your energy bills. This page explains some creative ways your business can save on the energy bills.

Install timers and power fobs

One of the ways you can enhance your business efficiency when it involves power usage is to install a timer and power fob to traffic rooms like utility rooms, bathrooms, meeting rooms, storerooms, and boardrooms. These devices are designed to cut off now-essential energy, such as lighting when you are not using the room. This helps when people leave lights turned on.

You should remember that times are ideal for utility rooms, storerooms, and bathrooms because they can cut off energy after a specific set amount of time. However, for boardrooms and meeting rooms which are low traffic, though they can be occupied for long periods, it makes sense to have a power fob. In this way, your team members can decide to fob in and out before or after a meeting. This ensures that you can turn off their non-essential power when out of action.

That said, you can decide to install smart plugs that are made to cut down any unnecessary power usage. Plugging a device into a smart plug can help the plug to switch the power off to the device when not in use. This can reduce energy wastage and saves you cash in the process. Also, it can assist to lower the impact on the environment.

LED lights

Utilizing the most efficient lighting in your business premises can significantly reduce your energy costs. It’s good that halogen bulbs have been replaced with LED light bulbs. Unfortunately, some offices are still using fluorescent tubes despite LED lights being a more efficient option.

This is because most fluorescent light tubes, especially T8 tubes utilize slightly more power than LED tubes. Fluorescent light also wastes a lot of energy through their ballast. In most cases, this can be the same as the tube utilizes itself, so this tends to double the total usage. A LED tube doesn’t have this type of energy wastage and they are usually replaced less often. This means that you can save lots of money on energy bills over time.


There is a chance that you may also have wondered how you may lower your water bill, especially if there is a kitchen that has dishes that require to be washed often. No doubt, a dishwasher can be a great option.

Studies have indicated that dishwashers usually use at least less than fifty percent of water and twenty eight percent less energy than washing the dishes using your hands. This is because this appliance utilizes a specific amount of water for each wash. In most cases, this is between 3 to 4 gallons of water. On the other hand, washing using your hands and tap can mean that you can use 1.5 gallons per minute. As you can see, this is a higher water consumption than using a dishwasher. 

Solar energy

Perhaps, an energy investment that can bring good returns for your energy bills over time is considered to be installing solar energy. Solar power includes photovoltaic cells. It’s worth noting that solar cells can take some of the business energy supply load off the grid. This reduces the amount you need to pay your energy supplier for electricity. 

You should remember that solar energy usually has a return on investment of at least five years. After this period, it can begin paying for itself, so you can see these savings. Investing in solar energy also decreases the strain on the environment, especially those related to the harmful power station. This should also be a good reason why you should consider investing in solar energy besides saving money. 

Switch energy suppliers

If you think you have everything to make your business efficient but you are still getting high energy bills, then it’s a good idea to sign on to another energy tariff. Research has revealed that many businesses pay a lot of money for their energy. This highlights the importance of making sure that your business is on the right tariff. 

The truth is that switching to an energy supplier that suits your business can lead to huge savings on your overheads. Many business owners know this, though they try to avoid the challenges that come with researching and switching energy suppliers. 

Thankfully, there are several energy brokers on the market that can handle this hassle on your behalf. They can also offer expert energy advice on the best energy tariff that is ideal for your business. This means that you can end up on the energy that you used. Simply put, an energy broker can research and compare energy tariffs. They can then recommend the best energy tariff for your business, so you can focus on running your company.

In most places, you can choose from a wide range of energy suppliers. Most successful business owners try to keep the price they have to pay for energy quite low every year. The best thing you can do is to spare some time and compare suppliers’ offers from a variety of gas and electricity suppliers. The good thing is that you just need to take a few steps to switch energy suppliers and this doesn’t interrupt the supply of electricity to your business premises.

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