How can I get internet without cable TV or phone service?

Getting internet without cable TV or phone service is not as difficult as you might think. You can simply opt for the packages or the services you like from the provider. It does not necessarily have to be a strenuous task. However, picking the right provider can be. Since there is a vast pool of services providers to choose from that can offer various internet-only plans, it does get confusing. Since we are using the internet all the time on different devices and have online calls or are using streaming services, it makes sense for people to think about cutting the cable and phone cords and sticking to the internet plans only. 

Cutting the cable and phone cords has become easy because of the increasing competition in the internet provision world and the consequent improvement in internet service providers (ISPs)’ customer service standards. These improvements are not only seen in how internet customers are assisted with cable and phone cord-cutting. For instance, the Charter bill pay gives an instant way for Spectrum users to pay their telecom services bills. Also, the provision of other 24/7 customer services channels by several providers means that customers can reach out to them regarding any inconvenience. 

We hope we have been able to convince you how internet service providers are willing to go to great lengths to satisfy customers. So, here’s a guide on how to make your ISP provide you with internet service without you subscribing to cable or phone service. 

Get Internet Without Cable TV or Phone Service

Let’s walk you through the internet connection types with their top service providers that offer internet-only plans and you can choose from the ones available in your area and the best suited to your budget. 

Cable Internet

Cable internet is one of the better internet options, as it is quicker and more dependable than satellite or DSL, and it can be easily purchased without a cable TV or phone subscription. The following are the top-notch internet providers with the recommended internet-only plans that you must definitely look into. 

ISPInternet PlanData Cap
SpectrumSpectrum InternetUnlimited
MediacomInternet 1001 TB
XfinityExtreme Pro+1.2 TB
COXInternet Preferred1.2 TB
SuddenLinkInternet 200Unlimited

DSL Internet

DSL is slower and less dependable than cable or fiber internet, although it is more commonly available. For DSL internet, you don't need a landline with phone service, but you will need to use your home's phone jack.

Listed below are the recommended DSL internet-only plans which you must look into if you are opting for the DSL internet connection.

ISPInternet PlanData Cap
CenturyLinkSimply UnlimitedUnlimited
WindstreamTier 1 High-Speed InternetUnlimited
AT&T InternetAT&T Internet1 TB

Satellite Internet Connection

Although we cannot ignore the obvious that the satellite internet is the slowest and least stable option, it may be the only option for folks living in rural locations.

ISPInternet PlanData Cap
ViasatUnlimited Silver 25120 GB
Hughesnet20 GB20 GB

Fiber-Optic Connection

Fiber internet is the quickest and most dependable connection available, and it's also the only one that allows for equal download and upload speeds. Its one flaw is that it isn't always available in your area. It could be that your neighbor might be able to get fiber, but you might not.

ISPInternet PlanData Cap
AT&T FiberInternet 1000Unlimited
Frontier Fiber OpticFiberOptic Gig ServiceUnlimited
Verizon FiosFios GigabitUnlimited
WindstreamTier 1 Kinetic GigUnlimited
XfinityGigabit1.2 TB

Wireless Hotspot

Many well-known internet providers, such as Spectrum, Cox, and Xfinity, provide wireless hotspots around the United States. Provider Wi-Fi hotspots allow you to access the internet when you're not at home, in public places, or in your neighborhood. You may need your internet service account ID and password to log on if your provider offers hotspots.

Fixed Wireless Internet

Fixed-wireless transmitters can be found in most cities. Consider them mini-cell towers that broadcast Wi-Fi signals in all directions.

They belong to internet service companies you may not have heard of which means that they already do not have the cable or phone services to offer you just to begin with. However, for the signals to reach better than 4G, you will have to be in direct line of sight to the transmitter, with no obstructions such as skyscrapers or even mountains in the way.


You have options for whatever reasons you want to get internet service—and only internet service. It's more important than ever to have those. We have mentioned the premium providers that offer the best internet-only plans above and you can choose among them based on your own preferences.

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