How to Choose the Best Warcat AIWB Holster

You can choose between two types of Warcat AIWB holsters, one that works for both your gun and your body. In this article, you will learn about the features, fit, and adjustability of each type. Using this information, you can choose the best holster for your needs. So, how do you choose the best one? Read on to find out! You’ll be glad you did. If you are looking for Warcat AIWB Holster visit this website

Warcat IWB holster

A Warcat AIWB holster is an excellent choice for concealed carry. Made of specially blended polymers, this holster is made to fit the popular concealed carry pistols. It also features an integrated wedge that helps with concealment. Unlike some other AIWB holsters, the Warcat has a molded, soft pad that is attached to the holster by a Velcro dot.

It is easy to install and remove. The holster is molded to the firearm. The holster also covers the trigger guard. It can be adjusted to fit both the ride height and cant of the gun. The holster can also be worn outside the waistband with a belt that is wide enough to accommodate it. The clip has rearward raking claws to ensure the holster stays in place when the user moves aggressively.


The Warcat AIWB holster is a tactical polymer holster designed for maximum concealability. Unlike other moulded holsters, this holster is lightweight and has an 80% greater intensity safety rating. Unlike some of its rivals, it has adjustable edges that can be moved forward or backward in accordance with the user’s waistband. Additionally, the holster comes with a proprietary claw that projects outward from the side of the holster.

The Warcat AIWB holster features a specially molded, pillow-like cant, allowing for a greater range of motion. The holster is manufactured in the USA and is available for most popular concealed carry pistols. Moreover, it has a lifetime warranty. You can easily buy one of these holsters online. And if you’re not convinced, you can always call us and ask for a demo techktimes.


The Warcat AIWB Holster is designed to fit your pistol comfortably. Unlike many holsters, it has an integral MRDS hood. This hood protects the pistol red dot from digging into your body. Many other holsters only feature a standard red dot cutout. If you need a holster that fits a wide range of pistols, the Warcat is a great option.

The Warcat AIWB holster comes with a wedge that can be adjusted for ride height. This wedge helps reduce the amount of print on the holster. The Warcat AIWB holster also comes with a lifetime warranty. It is available for most common concealed carry pistols. The wedge can be adjusted for three different ride heights and the holster can be worn at the appendix position or in the hammer grip position.


The adjustable features of the Warcat AIWB Holster make it easy to fit the gun in the holster while you’re on the move. The holster is made of polymer, a type of plastic that’s commonly confused with kydex and boltaron, but is less expensive. The Warcat AIWB Holster is adjustable and fits snugly inside the waistband, with a claw and wedge attachments. The holster also protects red dot optics by preventing them from digging into the user.

Besides adjustable cant angle, the Warcat AIWB Holster also has an adjustable ride height. It can also adjust to a 30-degree cant angle. One of the best things about the Warcat AIWB Holster is that it comes with a lifetime warranty and can be adjusted to fit the gun perfectly. So, you’ll never have to worry about the fit and adjustability of your gun again!


The Warcat AIWB Holster features a variety of styles including a claw holster and a wedge holster. It also has an optics-ready option, making it a versatile choice for concealed carry. The Warcat brand is part of the Tedder Industries holding company, which also produces other firearm accessories and gear. This holster is designed in Post Falls, Idaho, and is claimed to be stronger and more concealable than its competition. It has also been manufactured using a revolutionary manufacturing process, which allows it to produce holsters at lower cost. The company also offers a nine-life guarantee, so you can rest assured that your holster will be safe and secure for years to come.

Despite its impressive list of features, the Warcat AIWB holster is not ideal for everyone. Some may find that the design is uncomfortable. This is due to the wide belt clip and the lack of a backwards raking claw. The rearward raking claws are designed to keep the holster securely attached to the belt. Those who do not have a broad back can have their hands free, but there is a risk of snagging on the belt.

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