Learn About Important Information to Include in Just Sold Flyers

Real estate flyers are a great way to market your properties, mainly to engage the target market and generate leads. They are also cost-effective and visually appealing. As a real estate agent, you want to demonstrate that you can sell homes for top dollars in record time. Let’s look at the important information to include in a just sold flier.

What is a Just Sold Flyer?

Just sold flyers is a marketing material that provides information on specific homes that have been recently purchased. It highlights some of the essential details of a particular property. Typically, it’s used by realtors and brokers to showcase their successes in selling properties while also advertising themselves as sellers or brokers. It’s like telling the target audience that you have what it takes to market their properties effectively.

Details of the Property

Include a picture of the property in question. People will want to see what they are buying before making any decision. Addressing the property’s history will give the target market more information about the area. You should include location, floor plan, square footage, and the number of rooms. The target audience will know what features similar properties and neighborhoods have and what is not available.  

The Pricing Details of the Property

Most people love to know about prices to compare various properties in their area. Include the list price, negotiated price, and final sales price of the property, as well as the estimated value and appraised value of the home or condo, if available. It is also essential to provide a comparative market analysis (CMA) that shows how this price compares to other homes in the area and homes that have already been sold in the area.

The Savings Made By the Buyers

Include the savings made by the buyers. Indicating savings will encourage potential customers to give you a call. Most customers like to know that they are saving money when buying their home from you. When you show them how much they are saving, this builds credibility and trust in your business. Including information such as how much money was saved and how fast it sold will help people understand why they should choose you over another company.

The Realtor’s Details 

You also need to include your contact information in the just sold flyer so people will know who to contact if they have any questions about a similar property or would like to learn more about buying or selling a home. Include your name, phone number, email address, and website address where people can find more properties you have listed or additional information on your services.

Include a Call to Action

Let prospective clients know that they can help with buying or selling. It is more effective to have a call to action for prospective clients than to show off your sales history or list of industry awards. This could be something like “Looking for Your Dream Home?” with your contact information below it.

Get Yours Today

As a real estate professional, just sold flyers is an excellent way to show your prospective clients that you can make them even more money by selling their homes. Some of the most vital information to include in your just sold flyer is the price, time to conclude the sale, and have a call to action with prospective clients. With just sold flyers, you can easily keep your clients informed about your business’s latest updates and developments. 

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