The Best Sim Only Plan 2022 in Singapore

Telecommunication makes our lives easier. It allows our business, education, work, and personal relations to be operational, especially during this pandemic when our physical movements are being restricted. Therefore, mobile data like m1 sim only plans should be hassle-free, accessible, and affordable for everyone.

M1 Sim only plans

This type of plan gives you a package deal with the inclusion of data, SMEs, and talk-time on fixed monthly costs. This plan works the same as traditional data plans, but it is more economical and practical because it allows you to subscribe in the months you only want.

Break free from lock-in contracts

This dream of an affordable plan is made possible by the M1 sim only plan. Gone are the days that if you want to avail an unlimited data plan, you will be obliged and tied for a period of 12 to 24 months commitment. The old way of availing of a plan is an extra burden to the subscribers because there are admin fees and termination costs.

Personalization and flexible

With the M1 sim only plan, your plan will be more personalized because it is the cheapest, and it comes with freebies. Here, you would not be forced to enter into a two-year plan since this is postpaid. You can easily cancel or change your plans without paying additional costs.

Abundant mobile data

If you are doubtful about the plan’s quality, you do not have to. The M1 sim only plan will provide abundant data just the same or more than what the old plans are giving to you. You can also choose different data plans according to your needs.

Installment options

To those people experiencing financial constraints, do not worry because there are telecommunication stores in Singapore that offer installment options. They will adjust according to their budget and affordability and not to their terms. So, how truly good are these M1 sim only plans? Try to look at these fantastic deals:

Monthly subscription

1. $15/month

M1 sim only plan

40GB of data

1,000 minutes talk time

1,000 SMSes

Unlimited free calls to 3 M1 numbers

Get 10GB extra data for the first 12 months

$10 off your monthly bill for the first 6 months

$5 off your monthly bill for the following 6 months

2. $30/month

M1 sim only plan

90GB of data

1,100 minutes talk time

1,000 SMSes

Unlimited free calls to 3 M! numbers

Extra perks include an additional 10GB data for the first 12 months

$5 off your monthly bill for the first 12 months.

Whether you are a student, employee, employer, business person, or a person that has money loved ones to contact, these deals are very best for you. Do not let the traditional mobile plans stop you from your daily communications with other people because Singapore has the best sim-only plan for mobile consumers.

With the help of these amazing sim only plans such as M1 sim only plan, you can now avail of the best data, call, and SMSes plans without being imprisoned from long-period contracts, useless additional admin, and termination fees.

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