Top Ten Best Pharmaceutical and Biotech Jobs in Singapore

The pharmaceutical sector is an essential economic activity projected to continue its growth. The continuous advancement of research, new therapies, regulatory demands, and globalization are some factors that have led to the increase in demand for skilled staff.

Hundreds of thousands of professionals work in this industry across the world, including in Singapore. Individuals with pharmaceutical and biotech qualifications can aim for careers in research, clinical development, regulatory affairs, communications, production, data management, or finance, among other roles.

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Here are the top ten pharmaceutical and biotech jobs found in Real Staffing Singapore.

Top Ten Best Pharmaceutical Jobs in Singapore

1) Clinical Research Associate (CRA)

CRA is the common designation given to people who are involved in the implementation of clinical trials. Clinical trials are research studies conducted on human volunteers to determine the safety and efficacy of new medications, devices, or treatments.

2) Research Associate (RA)

Research Associates conduct scientific experiments and analyze data under the direction of more senior scientists such as Principal Investigators (PI). Research Associates also help plan and conduct clinical trial activities for pharmaceutical companies.

3) Assistant Regulatory Affairs Manager (ARAM)

ARAM’s primary responsibility is to ensure that the drugs developed are safe, pure, effective, and correctly packaged before they are made available for clinical use. They work with industry partners throughout all stages of product development.

4) Data Management Officer (DMO)

As data management officers, DMOs are responsible for the data management of clinical trials. They work closely with CRA and Research Associates to ensure quality data is collected, checked, and stored securely. DMOs also help in the interpretation of results from the clinical trial process.

5) Regulatory Affairs Manager (RAM)

A regulatory affairs manager is a senior-level position that coordinates all regulatory activities to ensure timely approval of the products to be marketed. They are responsible for the pre-marketing, post-marketing, and commercialization phases of product development.

6) Clinical Project Assistant (CPA)

CPAs provide support during clinical trials in Singapore by working closely with physicians, research nurses, and CRA in organizing patient enrolment and ensuring smooth conduct of the trial.

7) Regulatory Affairs Assistant (RAA)

RAA assists the regulatory affairs manager in maintaining and filing regulatory documents to ensure new drugs enter the market smoothly and on time. This role involves interfacing between various internal groups such as clinical, finance, marketing, and commercial teams.

8) Research Business Development Manager (RBDM)

An RBDM is an experienced individual who works closely with the company’s business development team to win new licensing deals or collaborations for clinical trial services.

9) Quality Assurance Officer (QAO)

As a quality assurance officer, your responsibilities are verifying the consistency of manufacturing processes and procedures at all stages of production.

10) Bio-analytical Scientist (BAS)

Bio-analytical scientists play a major role in the drug development process by analyzing the safety and efficacy of drugs. They also help in developing analytical methods to determine the therapeutic effects of new pharmaceuticals, which may include new formulations or clinical uses of existing medications.

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