What Size Mattress Does a Couple Need?

A couple's mattress size is important for a comfortable sleep. The type of bed frame and the way you sleep will determine what size mattress that you should get. If you want to be able to fit two people easily, then a king-size bed might be the best option for your bedroom space. However, if one person likes sleeping on their back while the other sleeps on their stomach, it may be better to get a queen size or twin XL instead of a full or larger mattress.

Different Sizes Of mattresses  

King Size Mattress -

A king-size mattress measures 76x80 inches and ultimately offers the roomiest take on a full-size mattress. The extra dimensions make it perfect for couples, and for those who like to stretch out and read in bed.

Queen Size Mattress -

A queen-size mattress has different dimensions than a standard twin bed. The bed measures 60 inches by 80 inches, giving it an area of 4400 square inches combined. Queen mattresses are typically 5 to 10 inches longer than standard twin beds or bunk beds because they are designed to accommodate two people lying side by side comfortably. With this increased length, the overall weight of the unit will increase substantially due to new materials used in construction and additional layers of comfort material over periods for more support on one side of the body weight.

Twin Size Mattress -

Twin size mattresses share the name with their scale and are designed to accommodate a guest, child, or youth bedroom.

There is no standard for what size sheet should be used on a twin mattress, so it's worth asking before purchasing. Usually, the better-quality sheets will be able to stretch over narrower mattresses without any trouble, but one person might like fitted sheets and another prefers flat sheets.

TWIN XL Mattress -

A twin XL mattress only provides the space for one person to sleep comfortably, which is why next time you're purchasing anything for your mattress, be sure to pick up the right measurements. Do not sacrifice comfort for density! This also applies to chair height as well - if chairs are too low you'll be slouching uncomfortably all day long, so it's important to invest in quality chairs that are easy on your body. Your health is worth it.

The difference between a full and a double bed is very huge. 

How To Choose A Mattress Size


Generally, the larger the person, the wider their bed size. Poor sleepers need more space to sleep comfortably. 


A bunk or loft bed might be shorter than a standard twin-sized mattress for example. Different heights will need different dimensions of width and length. 

Bedskirt Length -

Measure from the top of the mattress down to desired skirt length before measuring for dimension.

Several Bunk Bed Occupants -

You plan on sleeping with many people in bunk beds, check out how much space they'll need for comfort! You can't have everyone touching each other or feeling cramped all night. 

Liege Height -

This is not necessarily a factor in your choice of size. Pillows also play an important role in bed so the most popular bed pillow is shams. 

Couples Sleeping Positions

Logs -

You lie on the side of your partner.  That is if you are lying down and your partner lies beside you facing in the same direction as you, one of you will be at a "log" angle while the other will be at a "right angle." Essentially this position accommodates couples that need some space from one another while sleeping.

Spooning -

The couple lies on their sides with legs entwined together and backs pressed against each other's chest. It takes both partners to get into this position so there is no starting or ending point for either person in the relationship, which eliminates power struggles during pre-sleep negotiations of who gets what side of the bed to sleep on.  Good size pillow is also important, so there are various pillow sizes available in the market. Go and select according to your preference.

Back To Back, Facing Opposite Sides -

This position is great because it leaves the front of one person accessible for hugging while keeping both people close together. It can leave someone feeling claustrophobic though.

This position is not good if either partner has issues with snoring or motion sickness since the other's movement could cause increased discomfort.

Front To Back -

This position can be quite intimate but unless one person never moves at all it usually leads to sleep apnea problems for one individual and this leads them to get less restful sleep throughout the night. 

Side by side, same face, arms wrapped around each other in a hug- This position is the most romantic option but also takes up a lot of space.

Butterfly -

The 'butterfly' position is the most standard. This way, both people are on their side and facing one another. It gives each person equal access to wrap an arm around the other person. The downside for this position is when one of you wants to roll over in your sleep, it can be tough if your partner's attached at the hip.


A good bed is a significant investment. And it's not just the cost of the mattress that matters, but also how comfortable it feels and whether or not you need to make adjustments for your partner. If you're looking for some guidance on what size mattress would be best suited for couples, we can help. The size of the mattress is an important consideration when buying a new one. A King-sized bed can be used by two adults and will provide plenty of room for stretching out, but it may take up more space in your bedroom than you want to give up. 

The conclusion to this blog post is that you should make sure the mattress size matches your bed frame. There are many different sizes of mattresses, and it can be hard to figure out what will fit in a bedroom without measuring the dimensions of the room first. If you're not sure about which size makes sense for your situation, talk with one of our experts today. We'll help get everything squared away so that your sleep time is as comfortable as possible.

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