Why Desire Riviera Maya Resort Had Been So Popular Till Now?

The Desire Riviera Maya Resort is a 74-square kilometer resort which was opened in 1993. It is located in the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico. But, those who have been visiting this paradise for years will probably ask- why exactly has Desire Riviera Maya Resort been so popular until now?

In order to answer that question, we must first understand the importance of Desire Riviera Maya Resort. The resort is one of the most highly visited tourist destinations in Mexico and there are many reasons for this. One of the main reason is that Desire Riviera Maya Resort is located near Cancun International Airport. With the distance ranging only 15 minutes, tourists can easily reach this paradise.

Moreover, tourists will also be able to enjoy many activities there such as snorkeling, diving and so on. Another reason why Desire Riviera Maya Resort has been so highly visited until now is because of its uniqueness and quality. It consists of different parts such as “Desire Pearl” and “Desire Riviera Maya Hotel” which were built by Paul Davis Restoration. When both resorts were opened for business, they had drawn a lot of attention from people because it was designed with an interesting architecture which is different from other resorts in Mexico. The resorts are built with a square structure that is surrounded by the L-shaped pools. The square shapes are covered with white roofs that are designed in a round shape.

Moreover, the interior part of the Desire Riviera Maya Resort is also worth mentioning since it was designed very creatively. The inside consists of four buildings which are built with 8 floors each. This structure makes it easier for tourists to move around the resort easily. It also allows tourists to enjoy views of the beach and other areas all year round.

Furthermore, it is also an interesting fact about Desire Riviera Maya Resort that the rooms are not built to face each other. This design is quite unique since usually, most hotels are built this way. It is because of this that the resort has the luxury atmosphere to it.

The Desire Riviera Maya Resort also has a unique theme to it. The interior part consists of an elegant decoration with high-quality furniture to make tourists feel comfortable there. The white color theme makes everything look even more luxurious. Some parts of the resort are designed with red colors which make tourists feel like they are in a king’s palace. The close connection between the interior and the exterior design make this resort very interesting and appealing.

Besides, Desire Riviera Maya Resort is also popular because it consists of many facilities and activities which tourists can enjoy while staying there. The most popular one is probably the Las Perlas Spa and Fitness Centre. This spa is known for its quality since it was built by one of the famous spa companies in Mexico which is NAYARA. The number of employees here has reached 200 people to serve all customers with their excellent service. The facilities provided in the spa include steam room, sauna, Jacuzzi and so on.

However, it is quite a pity for the local people since they have been living in this area for years. The local people had been seeing tourists coming here, staying at this hotel and going out to spend their money. But, even though this resort has always been so popular, it has never included the local people in making profit from this tourist destination. It is because of the hotel company’s policy. They simply do not want to include them in making money from their business although they are living there all year round. They might be able to get good service at the resort but, they cannot get an opportunity to work there.

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